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BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance (Top-Up Degree)


This Top-Up Degree is recognised at MQF/EQF Level 6.


 ECTS Credits 



Awarding Body

University of Derby 


Description of Study Programme

This Top-Up Degree will give you a thorough understanding of accounting and business concepts which is ideal if you want to go on to be a professional accountant or work within the financial services sector.


Programme Aims

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • be effective in your first post qualification appointment through study of leading edge and contemporary business and accounting issues
  • develop sensitivity in working within in a multi-cultural context and with a multicultural workforce
  • ensure that you demonstrate mastery of general accounting and business concepts, skills and techniques through research, critical analysis, evaluation and suggested solutions to real management problems, thus helping to be increasingly employable
  • critically evaluate strategic business issues


The modules available for this Degree Path are the following:


  • Financial Strategy
  • Management Accounting Performance Evaluation
  • Independent Study


Choose two from the following:

  • Personal Taxation (non-exam route)
  • Investing and Financial Markets
  • Financial Reporting 
  • Financial Statement Analysis


Click HERE to access more information on the Modules listed above.


Method of Assessment

The assessments are how you can demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes previously described. Whilst we appreciate that report writing and other skills are best demonstrated by producing coursework it is a fact that to become a qualified accountant you will need to be able to pass examinations. This is one of the reasons why at Level 6, examinations are the normal means of assessment for the exempt modules. You will be exposed to longer and more complex examinations as your studies progress.

Exams are not just regurgitation of facts they will involve you applying your knowledge to scenarios and producing valid solutions to increasingly complex situations. Whilst examination is the predominant mode of assessment we have tried to include alternative methods of assessment such as essays, business reports, portfolios and presentations.

One of the key aims of any undergraduate programme is to produce an independent learner capable of properly managing their time and resources to identify issues, decide how to collect and analyse evidence and then come to reasoned conclusions based on that evidence; this is specifically achieved through the submission of an Independent Studies dissertation or consultancy report on the Accounting and Finance degree.


Entry Requirements

  • Higher National Diploma or Foundation Degree in Accounting at MQF/EQF Level 5 or an equivalent qualification
  • If English is not your first language, you will need IELTS 6.0 or equivalent


      This Certification qualify for the Get Qualified Scheme.

      Terms and conditions apply. 


Last Updated: 06 Sep 17

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