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Certificate Personal Training


This certificate is recognised at MQF/EQF Level 4.



18 ECTS  



6 Months



This course is designed to enable you to gain the knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in the health and fitness sector as a personal trainer. This course is targeted for persons with an interest in exercise and fitness who would like to work in the fitness industry as personal trainers. The objective is to impart the necessary knowledge, skills and competence required to train clients individually or in small groups according to their fitness needs and goals, through agreed exercise and physical activity plans. By the end of the course the learner will be able to design, implement and evaluate exercise and physical activity plans for a range of clients by collecting and analysing relevant information, and applying the necessary principles, techniques and strategies to achieve their needs and goals safely and effectively.



The Edexcel BTEC Certificate in Personal Training (QCF) is ideal for you if you work in, or want to work in the sports, leisure and recreation industries. 

This qualification gives you the opportunity to: 

  • develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential
  • have a successful performance in working life
  • achieve a nationally-recognised level 4 qualification
  • achieve a licence to practise
  • develop your own personal growth and engagement in learning.





Each unit has specified learning outcomes and assessment criteria. To pass an internally assessed unit, learners must meet all the assessment criteria. Centres may find it helpful if learners index and reference their evidence to the relevant learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Centres need to write assignment briefs for the learners to show what evidence is required. Assignment briefs should indicate clearly, which assessment criteria are being targeted.

Assignment briefs and evidence produced by learners must also meet any additional requirements in the Information for tutors section of the unit.

Unless otherwise indicated within Information for tutors, the centre can decide what form assessment evidence will take (eg performance observation, presentations, projects, tests, extended writing) as long as the methods chosen allow learners to produce valid, sufficient and reliable evidence of meeting the assessment criteria.



  • School Leaving Certificate and 3 GCSEs; or
  • Relevant qualification at EQF/MQF Level 3; or
  • Relevant experience in the business sector,
  • If English is not your first language, you will need IELTS 5.5 or equivalent



Pearson UK



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