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University Diploma in Counselling Studies & Skills


This Diploma is recognised at MQF/EQF Level 5.


ECTS Credits



Description of Study Programme

This University Diploma in Counselling Studies and Skills aims to develop your skills in understanding, application, reflection and evaluation to differing extents. Your counselling studies will be centred on the following theories; Person Centred, Attachment, Cognitive and Behavioural Theory. On completion of the course you will have developed a range of skills and competencies, and have gained knowledge that will prepare you for further study in the field of counselling and/or psychotherapy.

Programme Aims

This qualification aims to meet your needs by:

  1. Introduce you to and develop the key skills and concepts required for a critical understanding of counselling.
  2. Meet your needs by helping you to undertake a study of counselling from the international, national and local pool.
  3. Prepare you for a career in counselling and/or psychotherapy or to enhancing your current career through the study of counselling.
  4. To provide you with an opportunity to widen access to higher education and the study of counselling within it.
  5. To create an environment that helps you develop insight and understanding to further your  development within the field of counselling. 



  • Counselling in Context
  • Counselling Skills
  • Theories of Therapeutic Intervention


Click HERE to access more information on the Modules listed above.


 Method of Assessment

The programme operates within the University‘s Regulatory Framework and conforms with its regulations on assessment. The formative assessments are designed to assess how you are learning. The feedback given by both your peers and the tutors will enable you to make beneficial changes.

Formative assessments are not graded and should be introduced before the mid-point of the module. The summative assessment, that is final assessment for the module, is by coursework only. Using a variety of techniques that are appropriate to the level of conceptual and skills development and to the module content, they explicitly map onto learning outcomes.

The assessments have been designed to be stimulating and provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate a range of skills.

Clear evidence of achievement of the module’s learning outcomes must be demonstrated in order for credits to be awarded. The learning outcomes to be demonstrated in the following ways: 

Module Title

Learning outcomes demonstrated via

Theories of Therapeutic Interventions

One 3,000 word essay

Counselling Skills

Submission of a 15 min DVD and a 1,500 words report

Counselling in Context

One 3,000 word essay


Entry Requirements

This University Diploma is 'open' and has few entry requirements.  You may be able to gain entry to the programme if you meet the following criteria:

  • demonstrate an interest in studying counselling
  • supply appropriate references
  • demonstrate motivation to succeed
  • must be at least 18 years old
  • have the required communication and learning skills
  • if you are studying full-time at an institution, you must get written permission from its Principal
  • If English is not your first language, you will need IELTS 7.0 or equivalent


Awarding Body

University of Derby


      This Certification qualify for the Get Qualified Scheme.

      Terms and conditions apply. 


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Last Updated: 06 Sep 17

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