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I Want To Change My Career

Do you need to go through an important life or career change? Do you feel unfulfilled by your current job? Do you want to learn something new? Are you looking for an exciting and new challenge in a different industry sector?

In the past careers were for life.  Not anymore!

We make our own destiny and have various options and choices throughout life. What you found desirable in the past might not be exactly suitable for your current life situation.

Our flexible study options mean that you need not disrupt your daily routine and we can help create an individual timetable that suits your needs.  You can choose to study in the morning or evening, to finish your studies in the least time possible or spread your studies over a few years in order to accommodate your various other commitments.

WE TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION YOUR WORK EXPERIENCE WHEN ASSESSING YOUR ELIGIBILITY FOR ANY DIPLOMA OR DEGREE PROGRAMME.  Moreover, we have short courses available to make up for any missing entry requirements.  

Domain Academy can offer the support and help you need during this time of transition from one industry sector to another.  Our EU & Industry Relations Office can assist you with your career objectives and work placements.

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Last Updated: 27 Jun 2017


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