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Tertiary Education Tax Deduction Scheme

This scheme is quite similar to the GET QUALIFIED scheme but is governed by the Inland Revenue Department and refunds the student up to 100% of the fees paid or up to €10,000 which ever is the smaller amount.  This scheme is available for tertiary education.

The refunds that a student gets depend on the amount of tax he/she pays and therefore the refunds may spread over a number of years until the entire amount has been refunded.

Application for this scheme is done through filling in the RA14 form and attaching it to the Tax Return form the year after the course is finished.  The total amount is to be listed in box 19F of the Tax Return Form. 

You may contact one of our Student Recruitement staff members at info@domaingroup.com.mt to provide you with more details and any assistance you may require.


Last Updated: 10 Jul 2017

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