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MSc International Hospitality Management


This Master Degree is recognised at MQF/EQF Level 7.



90 ECTS 



2 to 3 Years



Qualifications have a strong impact on the career development of managers, and as these roles in hospitality organisations become more complex, the nature of the management role will increasingly require the skills and knowledge that a Masters degree can develop. This Masters course has been designed to meet the needs of the dynamic international industry, equipping you with practical and relevant skills, which combined with your existing experience, can be a stepping stone to advance in any career within the industry.



Upon successful completion of this qualification, you will develop skills in the following areas:

Intellectual Skills to:

  • Think critically and be creative;
  • Solve complex problems and make decisions;
  • Evaluate the rigour and validity of published research and assess its relevance to new situations;
  • Extrapolate from existing research and scholarship to identify new or revised approaches to practice;
  • Conduct research into business and management issues that requires familiarity with a range of business data, research sources and appropriate methodologies.

Practical and Subject Specific Skills to:

  • Apply relevant knowledge to a range of complex situations, taking account of their relationships and interaction with other areas of the business or organisation;
  • Acquire and analyse data and information, to evaluate their relevance and validity, and to synthesise a range of information in the context of new situations.

Transferable Skills to:

  • Numeracy and quantitative skills including the development and use of relevant business models;
  • Effective use of ICT;
  • Effective two-way communication: listening, effective oral and written communication of complex ideas and arguments, using a range of media;
  • High personal effectiveness: critical self-awareness, self-reflection and self management; time management; sensitivity to diversity in people and different situations and the ability to continue to learn through reflection on practice and experience;
  • Effective performance within team environments and the ability to recognise and utilise individuals' contributions in group processes and to negotiate and persuade or influence others; team selection, delegation, development and management;
  • Leadership and performance management: selecting appropriate leadership style for different situations; setting targets, motivating, monitoring performance, coaching and mentoring.


This qualification is made up of three stages; Postgraduate Certificate; Postgraduate Diploma and Masters Degree.



30 ECTS Credits


  • Operations and Project Management
  • Managing the International Hospitality Service Experience
  • Strategic Directions



30 ECTS Credits + 30 ECTS Credits


  • Integrated Business Management
  • Research Methodologies



30 ECTS Credits + 30 ECTS Credits + 30 ECTS Credits


  • Independent Scholarship


Click HERE to access more information on the Modules listed above.



This programme operates within the University’s Postgraduate Regulatory Framework and conforms to these regulations on assessment. The assessment strategy includes a mix of formative and summative assessments from the development of research strategies to the step stage process of the Independent Scholarship. The assessment vehicles provide the variety and appropriateness to reflect the nature of the skills you will require for the hospitality industry, hence the inclusion of consultancy documents, briefing papers and the use of project management software packages.

The key to success is to ensure that you understand both the process and the intended outcome for each assessment; these are detailed in the module handbooks. Feedback from assessments; both formative and summative, is integral to promoting further personal learning and development. You will make e-submissions of assignments via the online marking and grading tool (Turnitin).

Where assessed work takes place in Blackboard an appropriate assessment tool will be used to ensure effective feedback and ensure assessment transparency. 



• You will need an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject or equivalent qualification, a professional qualification or a significant portfolio of work at an appropriate level.

• If English is not your first language, you will need: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent



University of Derby UK



Local Price: €9,900

Refund through Get Qualified Scheme: €6,930*

Net Amount: €2,970*

 *Terms and Conditions Apply



Last Updated: 06 Sep 17

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