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MSc Strategic Management

Interim Awards

Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management

Master of Science in Strategic Management


This qualification is recognised at MQF/EQF Level 7.


 ECTS Credits



Programme Aims

The MSc Strategic Management brings a wide range of benefits, including the ability to conduct research with appropriate methodologies; to communicate effectively using relevant tools, to identify the latest thinking, theories and issues and critically appraise them and their relevance in a variety of strategic management situations. 

Consequently, it will deliver strategic capabilities for senior executives, prepare middle managers for the boardroom, develop skills and knowledge for career change managers and is ideal for middle managers in non-profit enterprises wishing to acquire competitive business skills and techniques.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical awareness of a range of themes, academic concepts, paradigms models and skills relevant to critically analysing situations and developing and implementing Strategic Management programmes both systemically and creatively in a variety of complex cultural and organisational settings.
  • Identify, analyse, synthesize, design and evaluate alternative strategies relevant to changes internal and external to the organisation and assess the resources and organisational implications of designing and implementing alternative strategies.
  • Evaluate and critically appraise existing knowledge, concepts, theories, models methodologies and paradigms in the light of evolving theory and practise.
  • Frame, negotiate, implement, manage, evaluate and control a detailed and ethical Strategic Management programme within any organisational context given a predetermined organisational environment audit or complex environment.
  • Develop the transferable skills necessary to exercise leadership and manage complex and unpredictable Strategic Management environments and use CIT effectively to communicate to and influence others in the process.
  • Adopt a self-critical approach and the ability to link the achievement of learning outcomes to your personal development and to the development of your specialist skills and knowledge required in an employment context.
  • Undertake research from primary and secondary sources, or with limited information, culminating in the completion of an Independent Study in a Strategic Management topic. 


Structure and Curriculum

To complete the Masters, you will need to complete a total of 90 ECTS. This must include:

Independent Study (30 ECTS)

International Business Strategies (10 ECTS)

Strategic Management (10 ECTS)


You can then choose four of the optional 10 ECTS modules below.




Strategic Management


Independent Study


International Business Strategies


Entrepreneurial Management

Strategic Finance for Managers

Strategic Information and Knowledge Management

Strategic Leadership and People Management

Strategic Marketing and Competitive Intelligence

Strategic Quality and Project Management


 Click HERE to access more information on the Modules listed above.


Method of Assessment

A range of assessments, commensurate with level 7 requirements has been devised and the programmes operate within the University’s Regulatory Framework and conform to its regulations on assessment. A flexible approach has been taken in developing the assessment strategy, to allow for the diverse nature of the student cohorts as well as the different learning styles of individual students. Programme team members have been encouraged to share good practice create and develop relevant assessment. Assessments for all modules have been designed to be inclusive for all students.

Formative assessment will be provided across the breadth of modules to assist you in both a structured learning approach but also to provide feedback opportunities, this is particularly important to you in the early stages of the programme, as this gives you clear benchmarks with regard to your progress on the programme. The process may include self assessment, peer review, as well as feedback from the tutor/s following class (and other synchronous) exercises for example based on enquiry based learning and problem based learning activities etc.

Summative assessment will take different forms to ensure congruence with the programme aims and learning outcomes identified, and the master’s levels in knowledge, skills and personal development. Over the course of a programme the student will experience different assessment methods which may include computer aided tests, research projects, work based reports, case study analysis, patchwork assessment, and reflective reports. In all cases, assessment is directly related to either student’s personal development or in diagnosing and applying solutions to their organisations (or comparable case study organisations).

To ensure consistency across modules summative assessment will normally be a 3,500 word, or equivalent, assignment for a fifteen credit module. Where assessment has more than one component the weighting will be pro rata.

In the MSc Strategic Management programme the final assessment at Master’s level is a major piece of independent study, demanding the demonstration of a wide range of knowledge and skills.


 Entry Requirements

  • An Honours degree (at least 2.2) or equivalent qualifications/experience in any discipline; OR
  • Relevant work experience equivalent to an undergraduate degree;
  • If English is not your first language, you will need IELTS 6.5 or equivalent


Awarding Body

University of Derby


      This Certification qualify for the Get Qualified Scheme.

      Terms and conditions apply. 


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