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Dr. Herveen Singh

Dr. Herveen Singh (Ph.D.)

Head of Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance & Assistant Professor – Zayed University

Dr. Herveen Singh is the Head of Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance at Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates. She is also an Assistant Professor with the College of Education at Zayed University. Her areas of research include quality assurance and accreditation; decolonial studies in educational leadership; faculty development; succession planning; organizational change management and; stakeholder engagement in educational leadership and schooling in urban contexts. Herveen has led curriculum development teams and developed programs at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels in Education, Policy and Business areas.

Herveen has conducted quantitative and qualitative studies with Canadian and UAE school boards and organizations at local, provincial and federal levels. Specifically, she has led teams in the designing of curriculum, programming and assessment for federally funded research projects involving over 2,000 students from across the province of Ontario in Canada. She has also conducted district wide research for the second largest school board in Canada, involving over 1,500 government employees.

Herveen is passionate about teaching and committed to teaching excellence. A noteworthy experience that demonstrates her commitment to teaching excellence is her role as the Assistant Director for the Office of Teaching Support at the University of Toronto. In this position she was responsible for the integration of the university’s strategic framework and activities in supporting teaching excellence across the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto. Among other responsibilities, she delivered workshops on teaching and learning, seminars and participated on key committees across the university to ensure that teaching excellence was integrated throughout its policies and processes in regards to faculty promotions, evaluations and other pertinent areas related to raising teaching quality in all undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Toronto.

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