Internships & Work Placements


Domain Academy is registered with the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA) and has its own Participant Identification Code to participate in Erasmus+ funds.
Through its networking and affiliation with a wide variety of international organizations, Domain Academy has established networks and affiliations with international industry and academic organizations to enable it to work collaboratively in delivering high-quality programmes in all areas, such as teaching, research, industry visits, internships and work placements for our interns and our full-time students alike.

EU & Industry Relations Office

The EU & Industry Relations Office is responsible for:

  • Participation in EU-funded programmes such as Erasmus+
  • Internships and temporary work placements
  • Assisting students to find part-time jobs while studying in conformity with Maltese legislation
  • Assisting newly graduate students to find relevant full-time jobs
  • Preparing students for the workforce while studying with us
  • Visits to various industries
  • Organising talks by industry experts to our students

Below are photos taken during our exchange students’ visits at Maypole, Enemalta and the Malta International Airport, amongst others.

student visit at the Malta International Airport

student visit at Enemalta

student visit at Maypole

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