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In partnership with globally renowned awarding bodies, Domain Academy is committed to support students throughout their educational journey and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Over 28 years of Excellence

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Expert Faculty

Specialized Individual Attention

Funding & Flexi Payment Options

Satisfied Alumni

28 Years

of Excellence


Satisfied Alumni


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28 Years of Excellence

With a rich history spanning back to 1996, our institution brings decades of academic experience, ensuring a well-established foundation for excellence in education.

Student Portal

To enhance the student experience, we provide our students with exclusive access to a dedicated online portal, where they can conveniently access resources, communicate with faculty members, and stay updated on important announcements.

98% Student Success

Our institution takes pride in its exceptional student success rate, demonstrating our commitment to supporting and nurturing the academic achievements of our students

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated faculty members are always prepared to provide unwavering support to our students, ensuring their academic success and personal growth throughout their educational journey.

Recognised Qualifications

All of our programmes hold both local and international recognition, guaranteeing that our students receive qualifications that are valued and respected both domestically and internationally.

8,000+ Alumni

Upon graduating, you will have the opportunity to join our vibrant Alumni community, a network that brings together over 8,000 accomplished graduates.

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