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About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Domain Academy is a leading Maltese Higher Education Institution licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority. Since its establishment, it has been driven by excellence. Its purpose is to prepare local and international students to achieve their personal and social goals, by becoming exceptional professionals in their areas of study and research.

Guided by Domain Academy’s personalized and student-centred ethos, the Institution commits itself to support the student from registration to graduation, and beyond!

Our Mission

Since its inception, Domain Academy has been collaborating with high quality partners including: educators, leading foreign education providers and Universities, as well as stakeholders from the industry.
Domain Academy aims to attract more students, and enhance the quality of their learning experience.

As outlined in its strategic plan for the period 2021-2026, Domain Academy:

  • will continue to develop and accredit a portfolio of high-quality home-grown programmes;
  • will extend the offering of its programmes from approved satellite institutions abroad;
  • will continue to work with and consolidate its current foreign partners, Institutes and Universities, and seek to establish further collaborations;
  • will pursue accreditation as a fully online Higher Education Institution.

Who we are

Forming part of Domain Group, Domain Academy is a licensed Further & Higher Education Institution which, since its inception, has consistently pursued excellence. Its primary objective is to equip both local and international students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields of study and research, thereby enabling them to achieve their personal and societal aspirations.

Our programme offerings encompass diverse areas such as Business Management, Information Technology, Hospitality Management, Health & Social Care, Banking & Finance, and Linguistics.

In addition to our own accredited programs (MFHEA), we are proud of the programmes that we offer through our partnerships with renowned British institutions such as the University of Derby, Pearson Education, and Qualifi.

Driven by a student-centered approach and its commitment to individualized education, Domain Academy is dedicated to assisting students throughout their academic journey, from registration to graduation and beyond.


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Manuals and Policies

At Domain Academy, we take our commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement very seriously, with a dedicated Quality Assurance Department, and quality assurance principles integrated into all aspects of our institution. The documents governing our internal quality assurance and processes are publicly available here, to create a work and study environment of transparency and consistency for all staff and students.

For specific policies or manuals, please refer to the below:

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy


International Student’s Handbook


Student’s Agreement


Student’s Manual


Academic Regulations Manual


EQA Audit Reports

The Malta Further & Higher Education Authority(MFHEA) is the competent authority which conducts External Quality Assurance (EQA) audits on licensed educational intuitions. The purpose of an EQA audit is to check that the internal mechanism, structures and functions of educational institutions are sound and fit for purpose.

Finding for the most recent audit can be found here below:

2023 Audit Report


2018 Audit Report


Frequently Asked Questions

This section shall provide help with the most commonly asked questions about our institution.

What are ECTS?

The acronym ECTS stands for the European Credit Transfer System and is intended to harmonies the further and higher education systems throughout the European Union. Each one ECTS is equivalent to 25 hours of learning, 5 hours of which are face to face delivery. In higher education, students are expected to invest in 60 ECTS in one academic year, which means 1500 hours of learning, out of which 300would be face to face classes.

Does the institution provide classes in the evening?

Yes, Domain Academy provides a portfolio of qualifications available in the evening for individuals who are in employment. Our evening classes are scheduled during week days between 6pm and 9pm.

Are all programmes offered at Domain Academy recognized in Malta and Internationally?

Yes, all programmes taught at Domain Academy are accredited with the MFHEA and recognized both locally and internationally.

What is the minimum entry level at Domain Academy?

Domain Academy has various entry levels for the different MQF level degrees. Therefore we suggest that you make contact with one of our student recruitment executive and they will guide you accordingly.

How many students are there in a typical class?

Domain Academy offers individual attention to all of its students, therefore groups shall not be larger than thirty students for a lecture type class.

What does MQF stands for?

MQF stands for Malta Qualifications Framework and it is pegged to (is the same as) the EQF, European Qualifications Framework, with levels 1 to 8.

Further Education is defined as Qualifications/Awards at MQF levels 1-4, while Higher Education those at MQF levels5 to 8.

What language is used for tuition at Domain Academy?

All programmes offered at our institution are delivered in the English language.


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