Campus Hub

Campus Hub, University of Malta Tal-Qroqq, L-Imsida

To ensure the provision of exceptional accommodation for our students, Domain Academy has partnered up with Campus Hub residence, situated on the main campus of the University of Malta in Msida.

The dorms at Campus Hub have been meticulously designed and styled to prioritize comfort and privacy. The building offers various amenities, including an onsite laundry area, restaurants, parking facilities and also a fitness centre.

To foster a sense of community, the communal areas have been thoughtfully created. Each student common space is carefully designed to facilitate social interaction and includes a comfortable lounge area with a Smart TV for streaming and screen sharing. Additionally, there is a fully equipped kitchen with ample cooking space, as well as designated dining and breakfast zones.

For prices and bookings, please visit the Campus Hub website through the following link.

Twin Rooms

Student Lounge

Study Area

Common Area Kitchen

Pool Area

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