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Dr. Kirill Micallef Stafrace

Dr. KIRILL MICALLEF STAFRACE MD(Melit.),MSc Sports Med.(Lond.), FCPE(Ed),FFSEM(UK),FFSEM(Ire.),FFIMS(Inter.), EFSM(EU), PGC MSK Ultrasound(UEL)

Dr Kirill is an established Sports and Exercise Medicine expert holding various positions in the Republic of Malta, namely, SEM Consultant Mater Dei Hospital, Medical Director Malta Football Association, Director Maltese Olympic Committee, Chairman of the Medical Commission of the Maltese Olympic Committee.

Dr Kirill is also a Senior Lecturer in Sports Science and Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Malta.

Until recently, he was Vice President of the European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations and Head of the Sports Medicine Section within The Presidential Guard of the UAE Armed Forces.

Dr Kirill’s areas of expertise, which he has presented and published widely, are Pre-exercise Screening, Exercise Prescription, Conservative Management of MSK Issues, Active aging and Medico-legal affair and Esports Medicine.

Over the decades, Kirill has organized, managed, accompanied and enjoyed major heartbreaks and joyous moments with Team Malta during Olympic, Commonwealth and Mediterranean Games.

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