Mr. Joseph Louis Xerri

Mr. Joseph Louis Xerri is a Cyber Security specialist and digital forensics professional backed up with twelve years of experience in the sector. Mr. Xerri graduated from University of Hertfordshire in 2016 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science, being followed with a first-class Master’s degree in 2019 were he focused his studies and specialised in cyber security and digital forensics.  He is also certified as a digital forensic practitioner.

Mr. Xerri is highly active within his line of work currently working as an information security officer for Premier Capital plc. [McDonald’s licensee for Malta, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia]. Furthermore, he provides B2B andB2C cyber security, information security, cybercrime, digital forensics, and IT consultations both at national and international level. Up to date Mr. Xerri has been responsible from the creation and delivery of more than six specialised courses at EU level.  He is also an approved digital forensic and information security expert for the courts of Malta

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