Chief Operations Officer

Mr Robert Darmanin

Robert embarked on his journey with Domain Academy in 2011, taking over the role of Finance Executive. Demonstrating exceptional skills and making valuable contributions, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2014.

Recognising his dedication and leadership qualities, in 2020 he assumed the role of Chief Operations Officer, shouldering the overall responsibility for the Institute's Strategy & Operations, Stakeholder Relationships, International Affairs, as well as the line management of the Finance, Marketing, and the Human Resources functions.

In addition to his qualifications in the accounting field, Robert holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration awarded by the University of Derby and a PG Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership by Pearson.

With a diverse skill set and extensive experience, Robert plays a crucial role in driving the institution's operational success. Through his exceptional leadership and expertise, he spearheads the implementation of effective strategies, the cultivation of strong stakeholder relationships while ensuring the continued growth of Domain Academy, both locally and internationally.

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